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Automation for Tier 1 automotive suppliers

Whether you work on powertrains or chassis, the exterior or the interior, or you manufacture electronics or tyres, the conditions are tough and the cost pressures are huge. In this environment, Tier 1 suppliers need the most efficient and technically optimal solution as quickly and effortlessly as possible, regardless of where in the world they are. And often a mix of pneumatic and electrical technologies, too.

Product Description


Ordered globally, delivered globally

The Core Range for (virtually) all tasks

The Core Range for (virtually) all tasks

The Core Range solves the majority of your automation tasks. Over 2,200 products are quickly available worldwide, wherever and whenever, are easy to select and offer the best value.







Load tyre presses faster and more efficiently – with the Festo Motion Terminal

In tyre production, every second and every kilowatt counts. Whether in compounding, tyre building, vulcanisation or quality control, there is a huge potential for greater productivity. Get the most out of your systems – with new, efficient automation solutions or through intelligent retrofitting.

We replace conventional pneumatics in the control cabinet with digitised pneumatics. And you reap the benefits: the Festo Motion Terminal VTEM makes loading times up to 33% faster and reduces power consumption by up to 60%.



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