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All Rotary Vane Actuators

Rotary vane drives

Pneumatic rotary vane drives can easily achieve a swivel angle of 270° and are characterised by their extremely compact design. The energy of the compressed air is directly converted into a rotary movement by the vane, which is why rotary drives with vanes do not require an additional gear ratio. That is why the design is very advantageous, not just because it is compact but also because it is lightweight.


Rotary vane drives from Festo

Festo is one of the leading global manufacturers of rotary vane drives and offers a suitable solution for every application with its different series. What’s more, Festo’ְs complete product range is extended by numerous and specific additional functions. These include a variant with a tandem vane with a maximum torque of 80 Nm, a continuous hollow flange shaft for cable or media through-feed, a heavy-duty bearing for high load torques as well as rotary vane drives with ATEX approval for use in explosive atmospheres. Only Festo offers rotary vane drives with hydraulic shock absorbers for maximum permissible mass moments of inertia. The easy-to-install sensing of the DRVS series with just one teachable sensor is unique on the market.