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All Rack and pinion actuators

Semi-rotary drives with rack and pinion

In pneumatic semi-rotary drives with rack and pinion, the linear movement of the piston is converted into a swivel movement via a pinion. Drives with a rack and pinion are used, for example, in handling systems whenever a swivel angle of up to 180° is required.

Characteristic features of semi-rotary drives with rack and pinion are their flat design, a continuous hollow flange shaft for cable or media through-feed as well as the ease with which the gripper can be mounted on the drive itself. This makes these rotary drives ideally suited, among other things, for pick & place applications or robot applications.

Festo is one of the leading global manufacturers of rotary drives with rack and pinion and offers a suitable solution for every application with its various series. These range from a torque of 0.2 to above 110 Nm. Different cushioning options enable suitable end-position cushioning for a wide variety of applications, depending on whether the focus is on minimum swivel times or a high mass moment of inertia.

In addition, Festo’s total product range is extended specifically by numerous additional functions. These include an intermediate position module, an integrated energy through-feed and end-position locking.