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All Drives with guide rods

Drives with guide rods

Festo drives with guide rods are especially sturdy, resilient, compact and precise. They are available in a number of sizes and versions, with the selection ranging from conventional guided cylinders to special models. Guided cylinders with guide rods can hold virtually any tool, achieve stroke lengths of up to 400 mm and can generate large positioning forces when required. Their strengths have been proven in applications such as lifting, pressing, pulling, pushing, clamping, stopping, holding, cutting, separating and much more.


Wide product selection from Festo

Basic models from Festo are extremely versatile and require less space than alternative models in terms of their output. Many models are available with a selection of plain-bearing guides for high rigidity or with a recirculating ball bearing guide for applications with higher torques.

We offer our basic drives in a wide range of sizes and in a number of combinations of piston diameter and stroke lengths up to 200 mm. For a wider selection we also have larger designs with stroke lengths up to 400 mm. With these larger models, there are several options for damping and end-position cushioning, including using manually adjustable and sometimes self-adjusting air cushioning.

We also offer special models and versions for dry food and splash zones in the food industry, cleanroom and ATEX applications, as well as temperature-resistant versions.